[:id]Daftar Publikasi Jurnal Nasional dan Internasional Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran Unirta

No.Nama DosenJudul PenelitianMata KuliahBentuk IntegrasiTahun PenelitianTingkat Penelitian
1Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesA determinant analysis of stunting prevalence on under 5-year-old children to establish stunting management policyPenilaian Status GiziRPS2020
2Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesObesity determinants and the policy implications for the prevention and management of obesity in IndonesiaPenilaian Status GiziRPS2020
3Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesDevelopment of instant powder with the addition of Moringa oleifera leaf powder as complementary food for infants 6-12 months oldIlmu Bahan PanganRPS2020
4Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe influence of aloe vera juice on lipid profile at prediabetes patient in east pontianak primary health care center, IndonesiaRPS2020
5Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesScreening of phytochemical, antioxidant and fiber levels of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), cassava (manihot esculenta), and binahong (anredera cordifolia (ten) steenis) leaves extractIlmu Bahan PanganRPS2020
6Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe dosage of the avocado leaf extract (persea americana mill.) on regeneration of diabetic white rats (rattus norvegicus) renal cellIlmu Bahan PanganRPS2020
7Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe behavior of exclusive breastfeeding after earthquake and liquefaction in palu cityGizi Kesehatan MasyarakatRPS2020
8Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesFood insecurity and anthropometry in adolescents: A literature review Ketahahan dan Keamanan PanganRPS2020
9Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe Potential of Indonesian Honey to Change the Lipid Profiles of Individuals with Central ObesityRPS2019
10Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesEffect of Avocado Leaf Extract on the Decrease of Fasting Blood Glucose Level of White RatsRPS2019
11Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe Effect of Educator Training on Students Knowledge of Balanced Nutrition in Makassar, IndonesiaPendidikan GiziRPS2018
12Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe Role of Zinc And Psychosocial Factor towards Postpartum Blues Occurrence of Mothers from Smoking and Non-Smoking FamiliesGizi Kesehatan MasyarakatRPS2018
13Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesInfluence of Nutrition Education and Provision of Instant Chayote to Change in Blood PressurePendidikan GiziRPS2018
14Bohari, S.Gz, M.KesThe Effect of Nutrition Education and Instant Chayote on the Knowledge of Pre-Diabetes TeachersPendidikan GiziRPS2018